Skan & BIM is a company created by architects for architects.

We are here in order to provide project data that are closer to reality.

The more reliable data we obtain at the stage of making an inventory, the better their aggregation will be and the fewer problems will occur at the next stage of design and construction.

As architects for the first time we used the technique of laser scanning in 2011, and the effects exceeded our expectations. Not only did we shorten the time of measurements taking, obtain measurement data not possible to obtain using traditional methods, but we also became owners of a three-dimensional model of a building with the possibility of its analysis in the privacy of the office. At the stage of construction almost all problems with inaccuracy of the project documentation with regard to dimensions have almost disappeared, which significantly increased profitability of the projects.

After having implemented designing based on BIM philosophy, point clouds as scanning derivatives have become material by the use of which we can directly create parametric models.

Our company offers solutions of scanning, BIM as well as CAD for architects. As architects we are capable of speaking using the same language. We know the needs and ailments of the design and construction process.

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